Things You Can Do

                  Some of these are simple.
The difficult/expensive items have more impact.

Do you know what are the best things to mitigate Climate Change?    Take the Quiz!

To lower our carbon footprint:
1. Obtain solar energy for your home
2. Ask the school board to put solar energy into their plan.  Ask local businesses when they will switch to solar.
3. Plan to make your next car, an electric car.
4. Become an activist to slow Climate Change.

To Influence Policy:
Contact the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.  These 5 people's decisions set the energy and transportation policies affecting over 3 million people.  Your phone call can help influence one of these 5 votes.
In Fallbrook we are in District 5, our Supervisor is Jim Desmond: tel: 619-531-5555 jim.desmond
We need Community Choice Energy in SD County.  We need better mass transit connecting Fallbrook.

  1. In Everyday Life:
    1. When you eat:

    • Choose chicken over beef, eat meat-free.
    • Buy organic and local, grow your own.
    • Ask for no straws, bring your own stainless straw.
    • Use a reusable bottle instead of plastic single-use bottles.
    • Buy foods in bulk with your own containers, use your own shopping bag.
    • Bring your own container to restaurants so you can skip the Styrofoam.
    • Don’t waste food – food waste that decomposes in landfills releases methane, a greenhouse gas that is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide!
      • Compost your kitchen scraps (no meat or oils), newspaper, tea bags, and dried leaves (aim for a roughly ½ green, ½ brown mix… green=produce scraps, brown=dried leaves, newspaper, tea bags/coffee) 
      • Give your plants used coffee grinds, bury banana peels next to fruit trees.
      • Use vinegar (white or apple cider):
        1. Instead of weed killer, use diluted white vinegar or boil water and pour on the pesky weeds  
        2. Use vinegar and water with old newspapers to clean windows and mirrors
        3. Use vinegar instead of bleach in your laundry
        4. Use vinegar to wash your produce
        5. Do a 20 minute daily foot bath of ½ vinegar, ½ water to cure athletes foot.
        6. Use energy wisely: 
          • Change to LED light bulbs
          • Unplug electronics when not in use (power strips are very handy for this!)
          • Wash clothes in cold or warm (not hot) water and hang dry clothes
          • Use a programmable thermostat
          • Look for Energy Star label when buying new appliances
          • Get solar – no $ down lease options, California rebates if own
  • Consume less, waste less
    • Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth
    • Put a bucket in your kitchen sink then use water to water plants (they love the pieces of food scraps!).  Have a pitcher ready for water when you turn on the tap and are waiting for the hot water.
    • Reduce and reuse, give useful items away instead of placing in the trash.
    • Before recycling, rinse items of food debris (the recycle facility may reject recyclables if they are covered in food)
    • Buy bamboo/recycled products when available
  • Green your commute: 
    • Use public transportation or ride-share
    • Get exercise - walk or ride a bike
    • Switch to an electric/hybrid vehicle
    • Fly less (or purchase carbon offsets for travel).