What is a Climate Action Plan?

What is a Climate Action Plan?

The Fallbrook Climate Action Team advocates that San Diego County adopt a well rounded Climate Action Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to develop natural methods to absorb greenhouse gasses.

Clean Energy: San Diego County can already supply all its energy needs using only rooftop solar and wind power.  Combine these programs to supply 100% of our energy needs by 2035 as other California cities and Counties are already committing to do.  Develop a Community Choice Energy program that supplies clean energy throughout unincorporated San Diego County.

Transportation:  oExpand convenient bus service linked to train schedules, safe bike paths along roads, community design that encourages walking.  Combine these to reduce automobile travel by 50%.

Trees:   Planting of new forests can help mitigate against climate change by removing CO2 from the atmosphere via the process of photosynthesis.  Plant 35% more trees throughout San Diego County to absorb greenhouse gases.

Zero Waste: Recycling and reducing the waste that goes to landfills to rot will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  There are many strategies for recycling and composting, and reducing the manufacture of petroleum products that are not really needed (ie straws).

Legislative Activity: Fallbrook Action Team members attend local meetings to observe & listen to discussions that may have an impact on climate change.

Fallbrook Public Utility District potentially has authority to make significant decisions affecting the environment & climate change.

Fallbrook Community Planning Group hears about future projects and advises the County on what the Community desires.

Fallbrook School Boards should be considering impacts on climate change in their many decisions and rulings.

Fallbrook Health District
North County Fire Protection District
San Diego County Planning Commission
The Fallbrook Climate Action Team watches the agenda of the Planning Commission. San Diego County Board of Supervisors 
These are the most powerful 5 people in the County, and they are either ignorant about climate change or they are deliberately trying to harm our planet for personal gain.  No other explanation.